What are the minimum download speeds required to View TV Abroad in a BOX?

We recommend a minimum download speed of JUST 3.0 mbps to view our and HD at 4.0mbps service, we have worked very hard to be able to provide our service at these very low speeds and offer a low speed channel list to view through, our standard channels work on a download speed of 3.0 mbps and HD channels work from 4mbps. You will be amazed at the quality even with a low download speed. Please be aware these speeds are when connected to a server in Western Europe NOT you local speeds…the further away you are from Western Europe the faster speeds you require.

To test your speeds go to www.speedtest.net

When you do the speed test you can change the server location – change to a server in London/Paris/Amsterdam for example to get the speed test results to Europe.

Where can I use View TV Abroad in a Box from in the World?

View TV Abroad in a BOX can be used from anywhere in the World as long as you have access to the internet with a minimum 3mbps download speed.

What do I require to set up View TV Abroad in a BOX?

You simply require a TV with an HDMI port and an Internet connection for the Box. The View TV Abroad Box needs to be connected to the Internet within reach of the TV, so you either need to connect this directly into your router or via an approved wireless dongle (which we can provide when you order the box) or via a TP Link Powerline (uses your electric sockets to network your internet).
Please see the following recommended TP Link products:
UK – TP Link Powerline Adapter
USA – TP Link Powerline Adapter
Europe/Spain – TP Link Powerline Adapter
Japan – TRENDnet Powerline

We will provide all the cables you need, Ethernet and HDMI.

Please note: For low internet speeds (around 2Mb) it is preferable to plug the View TV Abroad BOX directly into a lan cable, either direct from your router (LAN to LAN cable) or using a Power link cable. For higher internet speeds (3Mb and above) one of our recommended wireless dongles can be used.

Will any WiFi Dongle Work?

We can provide dongles directly but alternative dongles will work but the Box does require a specific type, we have tested the following alternative dongle Tenda W311MI 150Mbps Wireless 

Can I purchase the Correct WiFi Dongle from You?

Yes we can provide these directly with your box, see how to purchase this as an addon option on our order page.

Can I watch your service on any other platforms other than a MAG Box by Infomir?

Yes our service runs on multiple platforms – MAG Boxes, Android Boxes/Tablets/Phones, Apple ioS – iPhone/iPad/Apple TV, Smart TV’s – Samsung, LG and Sony, Amazon Fire TV/Sticks – Please see all options in our shop HERE

Apart from TV and Radio can I do anything else with the View TV Abroad BOX?

You get access to our Videoclub with over 35,000 titles from latest movies, classic films, latest Box sets and UK and US entertainment programs. We have an Audio Club with loads of Music. You can also access the Internet through a built in browser.

Is it just Live TV or can I view channels on-demand?

We offer a 7 day catch up service that is available on 90% of core channels, you can view programs on catchup as soon as that program has finished live as well as catchup TV we also have our Videoclub that has the best of the TV content added to on a daily basis giving you as long as you want to catch up…no time restrictions

Can I Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward a Recorded Program?

Yes, on the remote control you will see a set of keys just above the NUMBERS KEYS that allow you to Pause, Play, Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward the CatchUp Recorded Shows.

In CatchUp viewing, pressing the INFO button will also show you the program length, and your position within the program.

Press the Fast Forward or Rewind Keys MULTIPLE TIMES to move around in the program, along with PAUSE / PLAY to start or pause playback, and pressing the STOP button will close playback and return you to the CatchUp Menu Screen.

Can I view a Film or Video File that I have on a USB PenDrive / Hard Disk?

Yes, plug the drive into one of the USB sockets on the unit, and wait a few seconds for the BOX to recognize the drive. (An On Screen Message will appear to show you that the drive has been located and is ready for usage).

From the Main BOX Menu, select MEDIA OPTION, and navigate to your DRIVE and the FILE that you would like to playback. Press OK to LOAD/VIEW the file, and use the VIDEO PLAYBACK controls to pause / play / etc.

Can I download content from the Box to watch offline?

Yes, we give you the ability to download content from the 7 day catchup and the videoclub – this is great if you are going offline or your interent is not 100% stable so you can download content as a backup.

If im dissatisfied with the service am I able to get a refund?

We operate a 14 day money back guarantee on the ‘BOX’, If you are dissatisfied with the ‘BOX’ in anyway. All you need to do in this instance is send it back to us and as long as it is received, boxed, with all cables, remote control and is in total perfect working order we will refund you the full amount minus postage and packaging.

How this works – if you are at all unsatisfied with the service you can return your Box to us within the 14 day money back guarentee window, this is at your cost from your location in the World, once we receive the Box back we will test the Box and if all working and in perfect condition we will refund you the initial cost of the Box only. Minus any initial postage costs and monthly subscription.

We do not offer any refunds for the monthly TV subscription, as we offer a flexible service and you never risk more than a months payment at a time we are unable to refund this, as long as you cancel your payment no further money will be taken.

Are there any long term contracts?

View TV Abroad has always been a very flexible and easy to cancel service, you can turn on and switch off your service at any time – you only ever pay for a month upfront.

How can I pay for the service?

We accept payment via Pay Pal or direct with a Credit/Debit card, we take Visa, Visa delta, Visa electron and Mastercard.

How can I re-subscribe?

You can re-subscribe any time by going to our order page and clicking on the “Re-subscribe” button.

What is the difference between View TV Abroad In A Box and your standard View TV Abroad services?

View TV Abroad In A Box provides a higher quality TV experience with lower internet speed requirements than our standard View TV abroad service. View TV Abroad In A Box gives you access to more Live and on-demand channels and does not require the need to view through a computer or mobile device. View TV Abroad In A Box gives you a premium TV service giving you the more traditional TV experience direct to your TV with a remote control.

View TV Abroad In A Box offers three packages with the higher package giving you access to High definition channels in a much higher quality than can be viewed through the standard View TV Abroad service.

If you are looking for a cheaper monthly subscription of just £6.49 a month then our standard View TV Abroad service maybe a better option for you, for more information and to compare services please visit our Sister site View TV Abroad.