15.00 / month with a 5-day free trial and a 20.00 sign-up fee

Only to be used if this is a second subscription in the same location to the first

This add-on is for either for existing customers that already have a second Box and are adding a second subscription or where you are buying two boxes and this is for the second subscription. Please be aware this is limited via IP address and the Box must be in the same IP address as the lead Box. If not this is a breach of the license.

Do you have one of the following;

A Samsung Smart TV’s from 2012 or newer including all Tizan TV’s and LG Smart TV’s made from 2013 or newer (Netcast 3.x or newer) including Web OS.

If yes what we would recommend before purchasing is to go to you App Store on your TV and ensure you can download the following APP for FREE – Smart-STB (Please ensure there is a – between Smart and STB)

Once you have done this and made sure it downloads please purchase this subscription and we will email you details to set up.

With this product we offer a 5 day trial to our service, we do have a setup fee of €20.00 which is taken at the start of the trial but is fully refundable if you decide not to take the full subscription is completed there is a €20.00 setup fee and then the subscription is €15.00 a month


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